Fletcher Morris
Games Programmer

Gameplay-Focused Programming

Typically, I prefer to develop gameplay mechanics, directly experienced by the user, but I am also adept in programming 'behind the scenes' functionality: workflows, tools, etc.

I have experience across a wide range of languages and APIs, and I am always keen to learn more.

C# 5 Years C++ 3 Years
JS 4 Years GLSL 3 Years
OpenGL 2 Years HTML / CSS 3 Years
PHP 1 Year

Personal Development

I put a lot of passion and energy into every game I make, and always ensure that every aspect is crafted to the highest standard.

I enjoy problem-solving, and finding new, better sollutions to development issues. If process is slow for the team to use, I'll often make a tool to speed things up!

Game-jams often peak my interest, as working in time-depentant situations always gets the creativity flowing.

Fast Learner

Throughout my studies, I have always had a drive to learn and utilize new skills and applications, from programming languages, to 3D modeling applications, to project management solutions.

This has enabled me to perform in a variety of roles during game development, including the coordination of small teams of more specialised individuals.

Unity Engine 5 Years Unreal Engine 1 Year
3DS Max 3 Years Autodesk Maya 3 Years
Git Source Control 5 Years Agile Workflow 3 Years